The Second Life 17th Birthday Celebration is running along smoothly right now, and will continue until July 10. During that time, RadioSpiral will be doing all shows from its booth at the Celebration, which has become a popular hangout for virtual lovers of ambient music. With that in mind, I’ve decided to fill this show and the next — the last two Meanders at the Celebration before it ends — with music created by artists who have a presence, past or future, in Second Life. You might be surprised at which folks have dipped their toes in the virtual waters at one time or another!

This week, we feature music from some Second Life avatars you may never have heard of, so I’m providing a cheat sheet to help you along. We’ll feature music from EdisonRex (Paul Harriman), Equinox Deschanel (Joe McMahon), Locksmith Antonelli (Allen Goodman aka Desert Mystic/DJ Cylon), alexringgray (Alex Ring Gray, duh), Hiraku Stenvaag (David Herpich aka Emerald Adrift), UnaLoompa (Rus Foster aka Una Voce), shetech (Rebekkah Hilgraves aka Skr0!nk), Thain Darkes (Mike Hunter aka Ombient), Skyblue Earthboy (Gregory Bond), Tesla Klang (Nick Rothwell aka CASSIEL), and a few more folks whose avatar names I can’t recall at the moment, like Jack Hertz, Aovi ontol, and Tanya Thielke (Tantroniq).

And that’s only half the names on the list… but Part 2 will wait for next week. Feel free to drop me a note if you don’t see yourself on the list for Part 1, if I’ve missed you I have some space to add latecomers. But for now, come check out this heavy mix of deep and thoughtful drone and pulse ambient, starting at 9/8/7/6 PM E/C/M/PDT. We’ll be at our SL17B booth in Second Life, and in Slack chat… or just listen along, and wonder what a virtual experience brings to music we hear in real air.

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