Tonight on Meander: I see off this year (which for me, at least, was not the best I’ve had and best forgotten ASAP) with a two-hour Live Ambient Rant – two full hours of live improvised electronic music. I plan to open with my slantRant rig (all iOS) and end with my full studio: Ableton Live, analog synthesizers, stompboxes, the whole nine yards.

Join me at 9/8/7/6 PM E/C/M/PT and listen to me crash and burn multiple times… but hey, it’s all live, and it’s all good, right? Be there in Second Life, be there in Slack chat, just be there!

(This is my last “official” Meander of the year. I’m definitely taking New Year’s Eve off, but for Christmas Eve, I might rerun my annual Epic Christmas Of The Bizarre show with music by Dan Phillips and Tim Walters. w00t!)