Some advance notice of a ‘slight’ change to meander tomorrow, Tuesday 8th September. It won’t be meander, but Around the Campfire! Gypsy Witch is stealing the slot and taking it over. FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY.

With a deadline at work looming for both Gypsy Witch and Mr Spiral, one of the shows had to go this week. As Gypsy Witch won’t be around next week, Mr Spiral graciously gave her the slot… i.e. told her flat out to do it. So there’s still a meander, but it’s not, and there will be no Around the Campfire on Wednesday, although there will be on Tuesday. Confused? Yeah. Anyway, join Gypsy Witch at 6 pm on Tuesday 8th September for edgy music (music with “edge” in the title). Taking you to the edge will be Har, Christopher Alvarado and Jim Ottoway amongst others. There will also be an (probably not very) edgy live improv.

Join us in Slack chat, in Second Life or edge closer to the speaker and tune in.

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