Hopefully, all of you have been following the CDC guidelines about sanitation and commonsense measures to prevent infection. One by one, states around the country are taking hold of the situation, and thankfully very few of them are providing information that is less than complete and correct.

All that being said, we have been forced to make those same commonsense decisions with respect to Mountain Skies. While the actual chance of contagion is fairly low under normal circumstances, and the virus is little more than a nuisance to the young and healthy, those of a certain age and with compromised immune systems need to take a great deal more care.

While we hate to disappoint the people who are planning to attend MS, whether they be performers, audience, or staff, the fact remains that a fair number of us are in the dangerous age bracket and/or are dealing with health issues that could make coronavirus particularly dangerous. As much as we all rely on seeing one another on a regular basis to help us keep our musical inspiration (and our sanity), we don’t feel it’s reasonable to put anyone’s health at risk, even if it’s an outside chance, in exchange for the opportunity to do so in May.

For that reason, we have elected to postpone the Mountain Skies festival indefinitely, so we can watch the development of the coronavirus outbreak and gauge the public health response to it. We wish we could go ahead with a clear conscience, but with the possibility that the outbreak may peak this spring, we would rather be safe than sorry.
All of you stay safe, keep clean, keep making music, and stay in touch with one another. In fair times and foul, we are each other‘s best support system, and even if we can’t see each other in person, we should be aware that the ties that bind us go beyond that.
May we all be blessed with safety during these uncertain times, and may we all be blessed with inspiration in our music.

With fond regards,

Mike Metlay

On behalf of the Mountain Skies staff

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