Tonight will be quite special, featuring the early (90s – early 2000s) works of Altus – before even being known as Altus! I don’t have any history behind the tracks, but I can say for certain they were produced before his more famous drifty tracks were.

The files are in an early format collectively known as trackers (MOD, XM, S3M, IT, etc) and cannot be played with some media players out of the box; finding the files online might prove difficult as well (they were provided directly to me by Altus). Each file was often very small. Sizes under 1 megabyte were common, with 2-4mb being about as big as many got. Because of this, the quality is not going to be as good as recording real synthesizers or instruments. With that said, Altus did a really good job and worked around the limitations of the file formats quite well.

I have converted the files and picked out the best to play for you tonight, livemixed as usual. You may hear elements of modern Altus, or perhaps recognize tunes or concepts used in later productions. Other tracks will be completely different from what you might expect. I hope you’ll join me on this historical journey tonight.

— Kyizl (filling in for Equinox)