I started doing this show in 2009, not quite 10 years ago (that’ll be in October) and on a different radio station (a familiar story here at Radio Spiral). My show has always been about “experimental” electronic and electro-acoustic music, sometimes with simply acoustic music thrown in. Tonight’s show will be far more of the electronic variety. I’m going to feature 3 dudes with large modulars.

Hrastprogrammer is a Croatian who has been composing and recording music, amongst other technical adventures, for at least the 10 years I’ve known him. I met him via the electro-music.com forums which was where I started out with this show. This piece, Watergeist, should set the mood nicely.


Epicyclus is a nom de guerre of an interesting guy who lives just south of the Scottish border and has built himself a really large modular synthesizer. Somewhere I have a picture of the whole thing, but here’s a couple of modules from it.


Anyway, an album he sent me years ago to play was duly played, and is being played again, it’s called Collision Course.

And then there’s Richard Elliot, who performs under the name LektroiD. He’s both a synthesizer restoration and repair person, musician, experimenter, and generally interesting dude who builds stuff. Hailing from Peterborough, UK, I will play his eponymous album LektroiD.

A bloopy, burbly summer evening to be sure.

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