Another netlabel I just came across, Mix Galaxy Records, and some very good music.

Alexander Chereshnev brings us Unremembered Stardust [MIXG026] – Calm atmospheric music with romantic lyrics and nostalgic feelings. 3 tracks of the four contain vocal parts, each in a different language. Lovely and relaxing.

Sinestesia (a Russian electronic music team) bring us SatYa SeveRa [MIXG025]. I’m not exactly sure how to describe this album. Electronic Underground Ethnics, a mashup of world themes, psychedelia, electronics and processed vocals.

Spanish artist Taker 51, aka Raul Diaz, brings Luces En La Noche [MIXG012] (Lights in the Night), a creative mix of acoustic and electronic, almost dead on what this show likes to showcase.

There is so much good, unexposed music to play, here are three short albums worth. I will be spending more time exploring this netlabel.

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