When my grandfather died back in the 1980s, I inherited some money. It took a few years to get it because of a number of reasons, but by the time I did get it, in 1992, my life circumstances had changed and I had a marriage, a kid, another one on the way, and a big old house with a lot of land in a small town, with a nice space for a studio which I was filling up nicely. My Ensoniq ESQ-1 was giving me grief and my EPS-16 kept crashing too. So I don’t know why with that experience I bought a TS-12 and an ASR-10. But I did and put them into my studio, the TS-12 as a sort of master keyboard controller and workstation. The ASR-10 succumbed to display death within 10 years and was replaced by my Akai S-6000. The TS-12 soldiered on, albeit showing its age with an increasingly clackety keybed, and some unnerving flickers on the display at times. Until today, that is. Having shut the studio completely down for 3 weeks while I was off, I powered the place back on today. Except the TS-12 didn’t come back up. You could say it died in its sleep. It’s been a good run, 26 years, for an electronic keyboard that’s a pretty good run not having had any servicing. It has been, by a few years, the oldest working keyboard instrument I’ve had in continuous use. So sadness and consternation as I don’t have an easy replacement. I brought my long-since-ex gig rig board, an OB-32 organ, into life (after like 14 years in hibernation) and I guess I need to make a decision what to do with the TS-12, restore it (probably the PSU needs caps and the keybed needed an overhaul 10 years ago) or replace it (who would blame me?)

Anyway, tonight’s Ephemera will happen regardless and I’ll adjust, if I have to run some mic lines downstairs to the Yamaha grand for the piano, I will.

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