My internet service, which has had many, many problems and broken promises of improvement, finally was properly reprovisioned by the contractors who were supposed to provision it properly back in July. So I’ve finally got something approaching stable internet, and adequate bandwidth. So hopefully interruptions to my show will be less frequent.

With the Autumnal Equinox, we enter the dark half of the year. Sunsets are now early enough that dinnertime is in twilight or full dark, and I’m getting up in the dark now, with sunrise now on the walk to the tube station in the morning. As if on cue, as I guess it would be, the weather has gone autumnal and cold mornings are becoming more prevalent. Musically this is an especially emotive time for me, and I am  reaching my creative peak in the year about now. With my life going back to the usual chaos of work and play, it’s actually refreshing to settle into playing music.

Which is what the ephemera is about. As is my usual habit, I will play for two hours, with a wide range of vignettes to keep it interest for me, and maybe for you too. I’ll be trying out something new as well, it’s a surprise, and I’ll have my usual trio of unusual controllers, the Eigenharp, the Linnstrument and the EWI, as well as an unhealthy amount of analog synthesizers and other keyboards. In a year I wasn’t supposed to expand the studio, some software snuck in. I think that’s still good.

I’ll be playing live in Second Life at the RadioSpiral headquarters, in Orlov, but you can always just listen. I haven’t hooked up the webcams and I’m thinking about doing something new like sending live video out, but not this time. Soon, though.

This will of course be on Saturday, 29 September, just following At Water’s Edge.

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