Some days you really don’t need to go outside. This is one of those days. Where the wind and rain isn’t, the cold still is. The fish are at the bottom of the pond, staying out of trouble, slowing down for winter, since winter seems to be here. The first hard frost came to North London this week, at least a month early.

Staying inside, I thought, unwisely, that doing a little maintenance in the studio would be a great thing. So I unracked my Klee sequencer, which as I should have guessed, will need far more maintenance than I’m going to have time today for it, so for the first time in a long time, no Klee. On the bright side, adapting in the studio has become natural after 10 years and three or four hundred hours of performances, with many more in practice. I’ll fix it later. I already figured out how to work around it.

Yet another new softsynth, a Cherry Audio modular rack for the Eigenharp side of the studio. I will find some place to use it, although where exactly is not clear yet; ephemeras are by nature somewhat random.

As is typical for a 2 hour show, much (or almost all) of the studio will be in use, depending on where in the programme I am. Just listening to the base theme I will use has helped define a mood that matches this wet, stay-home day.

As usual it’s 2 hours of more or less improvised music, performed solo.

The show starts at 3PM PST/6PM/EST/23:00 GMT/00:00 WET

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