Edison's Electronic Review - 500


This 500th episode (or show) of Edison’s Electronic Review represents a bit over 11 years of playing unique and obscure (and always free to download) music, both experimental electronic, electro-acoustic, and many many varieties of music both by familiar and unfamiliar, domestic and international artists.

There is no way a 2 hour format could possibly recall all of the tracks I have played that left an impression on me, but all of the ones in this selection have a story behind them and are dear to me.

Thanks for listening and I hope you like this anniversary playlist.

01. SKID-Burland, Cotton, Haller – Vermillion pt. 3
02. Pliorius – QUESTION DANCE
03. Nick Cramer – 01 (1) Jovian Day
04. .Tape. – Movement 1 : Making Waves
05. Aevio – Cassiopeia
06. Aitänna77 – Poems
07. Alex Mason – The Inspiration
08. Balún – I Shouldn’t Do This
09. Boogie Belgique – Moriarty
10. Carsulae – himalaia
11. Chris Stack – Twilight Greeting
12. digitalis – transform
13. Dreamhub – Orion
14. Epicyclus – The Spokes of Saturn
15. Ether – Comm
16. i, cactus – yellow cactus
17. Koordinate of Wonders – oUtsiDe of Sphere
18. Miranda Shvangiradze – Rainy thoughts
19. 30[eks] – You Know What I Want
20. Pliorius – QUESTION DANCE
21. Tantroniq – Fear

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