Edison's Electronic Review - 496

This release offers listeners a special opportunity: 16 tracks of mystified’s music, all created for various compilations and projects. Some of mystified’s best songs have been made for purposes other than his own releases, and now you can listen to a substantial collection of these tracks in high-quality audio.

01. 01 – Bending The Spoon
02. 02 – Dark Valley
03. 03 – Does It Happen Again
04. 05 – I Can Dream Forever
05. 06 – La Brea
06. 07 – Locomotive
07. 08 – More Than Ancient
08. 09 – Off Enough
09. 10 – On The Hour
10. 11 – 2
11. 12 – The Ancient Caretaker
12. 13 – The Night Before
13. 14 – The Open Sea
14. 15 – What Time Is Like
15. 16 – Your Presence


I write music to photograph moments of transcendence, moments of suspension and mystical amazement. I take sound notes to remember these moments as in a private diary.
I decode the emotions and try to transform them into music, the language I know, the language of my perceptive interiority.
“Appunti” are ink sketches on a blocknote and the titles of the compositions are captions that contextualize the sound image.

16. Stefano Pasqualin – On the banks of the Seine or in this library, It’is Sunday morning
17. Stefano Pasqualin – The sky above “Prato della Valle”
18. Stefano Pasqualin – Sile
19. Stefano Pasqualiin – Empty old town at midnight with Christmas lights
20. Stefano Pasqualin – October, sunset after the rain among the streets of the old town

After a couple of years the Italian artist Flooba (Adriano Sorbello) come back in batenim with a new ambient music album “Shelter for cork” with strong infiltration of sounds and
atmospheres from nature; a work on the sound landscape where most of the sounds were captured from January to March of 2015 within the Riserva Naturale di Cottone (Fiumefreddo of Sicily CT – ITALIA) before being processed in Ambient sessions, Soundscape, Drone improvised. The reserve is a shelter to hide, relax after every fall, shipwrecked. Cork is lightweight and adaptive person who can find refreshment.

21. Flooba – Leprecaun seven
22. Flooba – Luoo
23. Flooba – Akesines

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