ONGAKU2 Short Stories [LBN018]

30 minutes of music in 12 short tracks.
A sounds and vision’s collection and dreamlike prophecies.
A constellation of intimate sounds and images.
12 improvisations of 2:30 minutes.
One little story.

Ongaku2 is a duo from Sardinia (Italy) that combinds the need to mix sound and silence with a resulting istant composition based on improvisation, experimentation and timbrical-research.
The duo is composed by Elia Casu (prepared guitars, electronics) and Paolo Sanna (drums, percussions, objects).

Menion – Menion [LBN019]

“This new release collects the material composed between 2012 and 2013. The songs have been strongly influenced by the musical scenario of Berlin, where I have been living in the last two years. Almost without realizing it, I have re-interpreted what I have seen and heard, while sifting in the fleeting personal feelings. The listeners of this CD will find evident quotations from other musical genres: it’s up to you to find out…But there’s more to it: my pieces of music are tales and records of emotions where reality constantly intertwines with imagination and, hopefully, each of you will see fragments and parts of your own life in them.This release is a landing place but, as such, it is also a new starting point towards something yet mysterious and, at the same time, captivating: something that is worth discovering.”

[LBN028] Madoka Ogitani – “Take a Walk”

The colors of spring.
A piano, a delicate guitar arpeggio, a flute and tiny sounds.
The beauty of simplicity.
This is Madoka Ogitani.
Five tracks to listen to while you’re taking a walk.¦

[LBN005] Ballpen – The dreams trilogy

This music is based on how my dreams have been working throughout the years.
The thing I like about dreams is that there are no schemes, no shames, no recipes and everything can happily or strangely cohabit with everything else.
The way the songs are composed are similar to what i’ve expereinced in my dream so far. Like the hospital in my hometown turned upside down and placed in the middle of a race circuit, or me riding a turtle dressed up like Darth Vader, chasing my auntie along the dock of an unknown port in Malaysia. And other billions of strange and funny combinations of the puzzle-pieces of my life.
And everybody is life I suppose.
Some of this dreams are made in a song form, some others are built like a possible dream would develop. Some vocal parts sound like somebody that is sleep talking and the music is supposed to be what is sonically going on in his/her head or you can hear that the music melts when somebody is falling asleep. And if you listen at a reasonable low volume you can still hear the music and what’s going on in the room next to yours at the same time.
It is very interesting. I swear.
Apart from this, I also think that this music is good for your heart.
This album has been recorded inside a cardboard box.


Segnali 2:30 Ongaku2 Short Stories
La leggenda di Woby e il cerchio 2:30 Ongaku2 Short Stories
Inner Shout 2:30 Ongaku2 Short Stories
Sulla strada per Kamphra 2:30 Ongaku2 Short Stories
Un fuoco per Tenzin Gyatso 2:30 Ongaku2 Short Stories
Come quando ti guardo 2:30 Ongaku2 Short Stories
Luna piccola 2:30 Ongaku2 Short Stories
Osaka 2:30 Ongaku2 Short Stories
For Ravi 2:30 Ongaku2 Short Stories
Stradine 2:30 Ongaku2 Short Stories
Tang 2:30 Ongaku2 Short Stories
Night in Berlin 5:23 Menion Menion
Stai attento ai segnali 4:41 Menion Menion
Sound emotional translator – A 0:53 Menion Menion
In fondo a un lago 5:09 Menion Menion
Lech mich 4:36 Menion Menion
Sound Emotional Translator B 0:49 Menion Menion
Mistery and Shadow 5:43 Menion Menion
Sopra un aereoplanino di carta 5:37 Menion Menion
Sound Emotional Translator – C 1:08 Menion Menion
Sound Emotional Translator (Neeva remix)3:28 Menion Menion
Wind 3:37 Madoka Take a Walk
Humming 3:16 Madoka Take a Walk
Explore 3:49 Madoka Take a Walk
Thinking 3:24 Madoka Take a Walk
Calmness 4:01 Madoka Take a Walk
01_-BallpenThe_scaffolding_dream.mp3 3:37

Ballpen 02BallpenThe_sea_dream.mp3 4:48

Ballpen 03BallpenThe_hometown_dream.mp3 4:39

Ballpen 04BallpenPass_the_ball&sail_the_days.mp3 4:17

Ballpen 05BallpenThe_tap_water_dream.mp3 2:21

Ballpen 06BallpenSerene_nightmare_1.mp3 4:54

Ballpen 08BallpenThe_magazine_dream.mp3 4:43

Ballpen 11Ballpen-_The_bus_stop_dream_1.mp3 4:31

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