After last week’s beautiful response to a call for tracks, we decided to extend the “Love” challenge. So many people either sent or suggested tracks for the topic that we had enough for two programs; we also received a few new tracks written specifically for the challenge! So today, we continue the love-fest.

It started with a vision: 2020 Vision, that is! Peace, love, and unity were the themes, and we need these things now more than ever, as the world turns upside down in the face of the virus pandemic.

Today we’ll hear challenge tracks from playman54, Disturbed Earth, Mr. Spiral, and ʞu¡0ɹʞS (in a live set). Then we hear recommendations from this amazing community, in tracks from Tantroniq, Keyboar (a new artist in the RadioSpiral family!), Meg Bowles, and two tracks from Scott Lawlor.

Join us at 12 noon Pacific / SLT for “TwoLove” from Edges of Dreaming, an extension of the “2020 Vision: Love” challenge, today on @RadioSpiral.