This week your host was away on business. The trip is such that driving is much less stressful than flying, so that’s exactly what I did. The drive is truly beautiful most of the way, making the journey very enjoyable. The quiet of travel in solitude added to the joy of the experience.

Even so, there was a special feeling in the return trip, that I was going home. Home. That has been such a moving target for most of my life, and although I’ve been very good at making home where I am, having the feeling of familiarity and deep content on this trip helped me realize that indeed, I am home in a way that I’ve never been before. These mountains, these people, the music, the magic that happens here… this is home.

So today, in honor of home, and taking its title from the first novel of one of the region’s great authors, today’s episode of Edges of Dreaming is “Homeward Angel”. Drawn from the RadioSpiral library — vast and growing — we feature tracks from Giles Reaves, Cousin Silas, David Gerard, Dan Pound, Lily Pond Orchestra, Gregory Bond, Brother Saturn, Fred Becker, Phillip Wilkerson, Robert Rich, SPACECRAFT, and Darren Harper.

Join us at 12 noon Pacific/SLT for “Homeward Angel”, this week’s Edges of Dreaming episode on @RadioSpiral.

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