Welcome to the first episode of an old show. Last week we announced that At Water’s Edge was changing its name, and so today we present the first episode of The Edges of Dreaming, with “Drift”.

We’ll hear tracks today from a variety of RadioSpiral artists, digging into the archives for music about drifting and floating, and beginning with a track that had been offered up for last week’s dreamscape challenge, “Driftglass”, but we had to bump (Pallid Mask sent us this beautiful track; it had been previously released, and because we had so much music last week, we chose only new tracks written specifically for the challenge). It was so beautiful, and was just the right thing to start off the new direction of the show.

We’ll also hear from Alpha Wave Movement, Antara Annemarie Borg, Robert Rich, Dan Pound, the 2007 Different Skies ensemble, Another Neglected Hobby, Solyaris, ontol, and Darkened Soul.

Tune in today at 12 noon Pacific/SLT for The Edges of Dreaming @RadioSpiral.

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