Last week’s episode featured stories read by yours truly and set to music by several artists. The last story, which was expected to be done live, had some technical failures, so we are doing it again. This time, the music for it is provided by Thomas Jackson Park, and it’s my hope that it will go a little more smoothly.

Other tracks for today include two more, shorter tracks from Liebesträume, a collaboration with Juta Takahashi; another collaboration with Scott Lawlor from the “Nevermore” challenge (can you believe that was five years ago already??); two tracks with Cousin Silas; and finally, a track by Chris Russell from the “River of Road” challenge, and a brand new track from Michael Brückner — it doesn’t have words, but definitely feels story-like — called “The Unanswered Question”, from his brand new release, The Undercurrent.

The tracks above are not necessarily in this order, so tune in at 12 noon Pacific/SLT (3pm Eastern) for The Edges of Dreaming on @RadioSpiral.

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