Edges of Dreaming is back on the air today after a few weeks off. We have gotten ourselves back across the country to our mountain home, and are settling in for a retreat from the world.

The news is dire all over, and we’re being told to do things that seem to run counter to our nature — “social distancing” is a sterile way of saying “disconnect”, “don’t touch each other”. Humans are by and large social creatures, so this is alien to many of us.

Today’s episode had originally begun as a challenge episode weeks back. The entire challenge is a three-part series called “2020 Vision”; part 1 was “Peace”, which we heard back in January; part 2, “Love”, was delayed a few weeks; part 3, “Unity” comes up at the end of March.

We received a single entry for the “Love” challenge, a track by George L Smyth, which we’ll hear to start the program.

And then the music community stepped up! Posting a day-of notice on Facebook yielded a program of very interesting and beautiful tracks that take up the rest of the program. We’ll hear works by Chris Stack, Shaping Mind, Cousin Silas (with yours truly telling a “yikes” true story about dating in the 21st century), Joe Howard, M. Peck, His Divine Shadow, Perceptual Defence, Kevin Hay, Doug Lynner, embral, Soundician, Symmetry2010, Usufruct, and Robert Scott Thompson.

Join us today at noon Pacific/SLT (3pm Eastern) for “Love”, this week’s Edges of Dreaming episode on RadioSpiral.net!

PS: We received enough recommendations for this to spill over into a second show next week. To be continued!!