This Wednesday’s show of Around the Campfire will feature tracks by listeners. Whether you are an experienced musician or have never made a track before, you have a good chance of getting your music aired*, providing you send it to me (with at least a verbal approval to air it on RadioSpiral, if not a full waiver).

There is no theme and the style of track is your choice, but bear in mind that the show does not feature noise tracks, and very dark ambient would not fit the show purview. Other than that… knock yourselves out! Tracks should be under 10 minutes long if possible, but I may make exceptions depending on circumstances.

All tracks should be sent to, and it’s recommended using WeTransfer, which is free and requires no sign up at all. I can’t wait to hear what you’ve created!

*I cannot guarantee to play tracks, but will do my best to include as many as I can.