As we know from Edison’s Ephemera – Paul Harriman’s amazing fortnightly (every two weeks!) live improvisation show – fleeting moments can be a good thing. Ephemeral is the theme of tonight’s show, where the process of fading, vanishing and disappearing are all captured in the wonderful tracks you’ll hear. Included amongst them is a track from Sequentonal’s brand new album, as well as other offerings from Metlay! Edison Rex and Altus. Needless to say, there’s a whole lot more, and a live improv by Gypsy. If you’re worried that you may only hear this show once and it’s gone – don’t worry, there’ll be a podcast. 🙂

Join us tonight where we’ll listen to our ephemeral-themed tracks and then re-record, not fade away* on podcast.

*For those of you too young to get this reference – enjoy: ).

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