Admit it, that’s one cool title for a post, right? Tonight we’re proud to bring to you all new tracks. We have a selection from Jim Ottaway’s fantastic new album “When Eternity Touches Time”, Robert Rich’s new album “Offering to the Morning Fog” and tracks from Jack Hertz’s new album “Galactic Gems” There’s also a brand new track from Daniel Robert Lahey. All that in one show? Absolutely! There will also be a short live improv by Gypsy Witch as well.

Make sure you’re prepared to go from Rich drones (see what I did there?) to absolute full-on Berlin-style… you’ll need your slippers and cocoa as well as some rave sticks tonight. It’s all happening Around the Campfire, so don’t miss it!

Don’t forget, Second Lifers – we’ll be at SL17B and you can pick up an LM from our parcel at Orlov if you don’t already have one.

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