Tonight’s music reflects our musicians’ take on journeys and pathways. Explore tracks by Gregg Plummer, Gregory Bond, Magnetic Wind, Vaerna and Head Joint, and ontol, to name but a few. There will also be a very chilled and meditative Brew by your host, to help you over the midweek MEH.

For those in Second Life who are fairly new to our parcel, tonight’s show will be hosted in a “new” scene to the Orlov SIM. It’s got a few levels to negotiate, so if you want to explore a bit, come early. If you think you’ll get lost, then IM Gypsyw1tch Resident for a TP, but please don’t do this on the dot of 6pm, she’ll be kind of busy. Just don’t be late, be late, for this very important date… <Cheshire cat grin>

There is some truly lovely music tonight, so sit back and enjoy the show, and don’t forget to keep it tuned to

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