#ambientwednesday – Now Wednesdays are double the fun!

Around the Campfire will be on tonight at its usual time of 6 pm Pacific. As it’s that time of year, you can expect the “Dark” theme to be just that, at least compared to the usually gentle and drifty Around the Campfire fare. There’s an awesome lineup of music – two new tracks from Syndromeda’s latest album Eternal Destination; Cousin Silas and Wolfgang Gsell; EugeneKha, and Phillip Wilkerson to mention just a few. There will also be a Witch’s Brew (live improv). Now, if that is not enough for you, fear not, for after Around the Campfire there will be…

…Two more hours of Ambient! A brand new show for RadioSpiral takes to the air – Space for Music with Tony Gerber. Tony is a legend: his music is superb and he will be playing live as well as hosting other tracks.

You can’t miss #ambientwednesday ! Even more to tickle your musical tastebuds right here at RadioSpiral!

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