"Ecce homo" by Antonio Ciseri: Pontius Pilate presenting a scourged Jesus to the people

Truth is stranger than fiction.
Life imitates art.
What is truth?
The world around us is increasingly bizarre, where the truth as it’s presented must be questioned every minute of every day. But the truth (see what I did there?) is that humans have been fiddling with truth as long as we’ve been around. We bend it to suit our needs, whether to ourselves or to the people around us, and even the most honest among us has done it. Telling the truth about ourselves makes us vulnerable, and others take advantage, so we learn to hide it. We obscure our reality in hopes of turning our path to a positive outcome.
On today’s edition of At Water’s Edge, we explore truth and untruth and the bending that happens in between. It’s an interesting, varied ride. We’ll hear from Audio Gourmet, Night Note, Kuutana, Bing Satellites, Empty Vessel, grüm~pé, Ozone Player, Kit Watkins, Lucette Bourdin, Daniel Robert Lahey, Max Corbacho, and December Nightskies.
“Truth” is part of a two-part series; next week is “Dare”. Do you?
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