The Water’s Edge chased us into the hills.

Hello, dear listeners,

No doubt you have heard by now that Hurricane Florence has wrought severe destruction, and continues to do so, along the mid-South of the United States. Unfortunately, we (the At Water’s Edge family) were right under it, and had to evacuate. We are all alive and well, safely settled in Asheville for the duration. The studio is, as near as we can figure, intact if a bit damp, assuming the house is still standing. The most important thing is that we got away safely. Stuff is replaceable; people are not.

That said, there will be no AWE this week. I will try to cobble together something like a broadcast rig for next week, even if it’s my portable one.

Town Dock and The Bean coffee shop. There’s supposed to be a street between the Bean and the dock, and the Bean is up on stilts (5′ maybe?), so it took water overnight.

Please keep praying, or chanting, or swinging chickens, or holding light, or whatever it is you do — the damage is already extensive and growing, and will be widespread and long lasting. Thanks to some disastrous political decisions, the damage in North Carolina will be worse than it might have been had certain precautions been taken. We were lucky. Others will not be so fortunate. Keep them, along with emergency responders, in your thoughts. And take what action you can in the form of donations to local organizations.

Love and light,