At long last! It’s time for the “Elevator Music” challenge episode! We have some GREAT entries for it, too!

This was a fun challenge — from some traveling a few months ago, your friendly AWEsome host captured the rather horrifying sound of an elevator’s floor markers. Normally they’re nice dings or tones, but this one was an awful metallic buzz that simply confounded one. I sampled it via my phone (because that’s all I had with me), and challenged artists to make it into something beautiful.

And the artists stepped up! So today’s episode is “Elevator Music”, and you’ll hear from Forrest Fang, Glenn Sogge, playman54, and Museleon. After that we’ll dip into the RadioSpiral library for other uplifting music.

Join us on or, and starting at 12 noon Pacific/SLT for At Water’s Edge: Elevator Music!