We’ve had a sufficiency of water for a while (ahem.), but this is a great way to finish the trend: with the results of a challenge!

This challenge is another field recording one, where artists were to take this sample, or these, or any combination of them, and make music with them using only these sounds as the basis. As with the the other field recording challenges, the constraint was only use these sounds, and no additional instruments or synthesizers, but those sounds could be altered and processed in any way the artist could imagine.

With sounds such as water flowing, the results did sound similar on the surface. But if you dive into these waters, you’ll hear some remarkable differences — largely due to what the sounds suggested to each artist. So listen carefully, and enjoy the meditations.

Following the challenge tracks, we’ll sample various music from the RadioSpiral library that uses water as its basis, either thematically or substantively, or both.

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