At Water’s Edge is back on the air this week, and back at the water’s edge, albeit reluctantly. It is perhaps too obvious, but this week’s topic will be “After the Storm.”

The Carolinas suffered immensely from Hurricane Florence, which sent many people inland and wrought terrible destruction for miles. Filthy water is emptying into the ocean and seeping into aquifers, properties have been destroyed, rains continue even now to cause flooding and further damage to already vulnerable areas.

Mama Gaia is not happy with us. Storms are more frequent, more destructive, and getting worse every year. We cannot continue to attempt to impose our will on her. Her memory is far longer and her patience is wearing thin. She can do without us, be we cannot do without her.

We must learn once again to live in harmony with our Mother.

Join us at 12pm Pacific/SLT (3pm Eastern) on for this week’s At Water’s Edge.

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