The first day of the first month of autumn… On this edition of At Water’s Edge, we explore the green of late summer and its transition to gold.

Image of a dirt road through Hiawatha National Forest, Michigan, by Tony Webster. Image by Tony Webster from Minneapolis, Minnesota – Autumn Dirt Road – Hiawatha National Forest, Michigan, CC BY-SA 2.0,

It’s easy to broadly describe the principal color of the warmer seasons as “green”. But the green of spring is vastly different from the green of late summer and early autumn. The light of autumn, with dust in the air and the changing angle of the sun, is warm and beautiful. Even as life is withdrawing for winter, the earth’s cloak becomes its most stunning.

On this edition of At Water’s Edge, we drift through the greens of autumn with works by metlay!, Arcticology, usr/sbin, EugeneKha, Tony Gerber, poemme, Thom Brennan, Lucette Bourdin, Jack Hertz and Wolfgang Gsell, Altus (of course), M. Nomized, Cloudwalk, and Cousin Silas.

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“Fade to Green” – metlay! – This Music Plants Trees (2015)
“Blue and Green” – Arcticology – Looking For Satellites (2008)
“Ghostly Green” – usr sbin – Full Flower (2010)
“Deep Green” – EugeneKha – Green Quest (2012)
“Dream_Leaf Green” – Tony Gerber – Colour My Dream (2009)
“green filtered sunlight” – poemme – Arboretum (2017)
“Green Heart Of Earth” – EugeneKha – Green Quest (2012)
“Green River Passage” – Thom Brennan – Mountains – 1987)
“Round and Green” – Lucette Bourdin – Colors, Shapes and Rhythms (2008)
“Ever Greens” – Jack Hertz & Wolfgang Gsell – Sleeping Trees On Earth (2017)
“Green to Gold” – Altus – Autumn Breeze (2005)
“Waterfall And Golden Circle” – M.NOMIZED – Galdrastafir (2018)
“Pillar of Golden Light” – Cloudwalk – Forgotten World (2017)
“The Golden Hills” – Cousin Silas – Lift The Sky (2016)

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