Tonight, Around the Campfire is delighted to introduce you to Polyphasic Music a new album from Alpha Wave Movement. This is, to quote AWM, “music composed on a bare minimum of hardware synthesizers with no computer-aided software such as sequencers, quantization et al…  with the sole purpose of creating an environment for cognizant relaxation. “

Listen to the whole album, interspersed with other tracks around tonight’s theme, which is “Dreams”. You’ll hear ontol, Forrest Fang and many others. There will also be a dreamy Witch’s Brew.

Apologies in advance to Steve from our chat room, who will doubtless be asleep before the end of this show, and to Robby (‘Obby) from our chat room, whose Lava Lamp was stolen for our NEW Second Life scene…

Join us tonight for a truly dreamy set!

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