Playlist for Show: Etheric Currents

First: Juta Takahashi’s birthday was this weekend, so we’ll have a track from him, but we’re also going to have a bunch of new tracks from two new albums by 4T Thieves, a new album of remixes of tracks from Virtually J, and two releases from VKRS: Triple Alpha Process and BIM.

We’ll be at Mermaid’s Cove at RadioSpiral in Second Life, and as always in Discord at (use to sign up if you aren’t already on Discord). See you!

# Artist Song Album Label Comments
1 4T Thieves Still Life Hauntology (Analogue Master) Kahvhi Collective
2 4T Thieves The Shipping Forecase The Shipping Forecast Mahorka
3 Virtually J Tribunal (Captive Portal Remix) Reworks Mahorka
4 4T Thieves Echo Lake Hauntology (Analogue Master) Kavhi Collective
5 4T Thieves The Storm The Shipping Forecast Mahorka
6 4T Theves Daytime Astronomy Hauntology (Analogue Master) Kahvi Collective
7 4T Thieves The Rainy Beach The Shipping Forecast Mahorka
8 Virtually J Rune Sequence (Brainquake Remix) Reworks VKRS
9 4T Thieves Artifacts of Nature Hauntology (Analogue Master) Kahvi Collective
10 4T Thieves Rainbows and Blues The Shipping Forecast Mahorka
11 4T Thieves Summer Breeze and Autumn Leaves Hauntology (Analogue Master) Kahvi Collective
12 aris_h Burning Leather BIM ep VKRS
13 4T Thieves Light and Dark The Shipping Forecast
14 4T Thieves Lost Futures Hauntology (Analogue Master)
15 4T Thieves Above the Stars The Shipping Forecast
16 4T Thieves Tesselations (The Synth) Hauntology (Analogue Master)
17 4T Thieves The End of the Road The Shipping Forecast
18 aris_h Ion Spirals BIM ep
19 4T Thieves The Long Way Home The Shipping Forecast
20 aris_h Mens Omega BIM ep VKRS
21 Bestovitch Slip Away Triple Alpha Process EP VKRS
22 Departure Juta Takahashi Beyond the Borders: Ultima Thule Ambient Volume 2 Ultima Thule

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