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Edison’s Ephemera 220

The past two weeks have been pretty grueling in real life. I am looking forward to this weekend! We’re having quite the windstorm outside, due to the heatwave in southern Europe, I guess this is actually good because we don’t have such heat here in London.

I don’t have a lot to say about the music I’ll be playing, except that one of the themes was the last one I played back in 2010 before taking a long break. The rest are much newer. At my old radio station I played 75 shows. Since moving to RadioSpiral I’ve played almost double that amount. I hope it continues to be a good listen.

You can now hear the last 10 or so performances at where I keep them. For those Second Life listeners, we’ll be in the SL20B region, if you go to the RadioSpiral region there’s a teleporter. As always, your listening is much appreciated.

No played tracks found for this Playlist yet.

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