As Amy Pond once said to Amelia Pond: “Okay, kid… this is where it gets complicated.”

Work commitments mean that there will be no Around The Campfire on Wednesday February 16. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t hear from Gypsy this week! Read on…

In order to let Gypsy connect with her audience for a while rather than skipping a week, Spiral is sharing tonight’s Meander Around The Campfire show with her…  a split program that couldn’t be more perfect, thanks to longtime friend of the station and certifiable musical mad genius Otso Pakarinen aka Ozone Player!

In our first hour, Mr. Spiral hosts a one-hour Meander, with a Live Ambient Rant and five tracks from the newly remastered and rereleased Tunti sitten by Otso, as Otso Pakarinen called himself in 1982. For its 40th anniversary, this new release – entitled Tunti (ja 40 v) sitten, meaning “An hour (and forty years) ago” – features five previously unheard “Ekstra” tracks from 1982, and we’ll feature as many as we have room for after the Rant.

In our second hour, Gypsy takes to the airwaves in a one-hour Around The Campfire, which will feature a Live Ambient Witch’s Brew and tracks from Ozone Player’s brand-new release Avara, an inspiring collection of songs in the grand Ozone Player tradition of off-kilter beauty, moments of pensiveness, and pure joy.

Join us in our new home in Second Life, in Discord, or just listen in, to hear both new Otso and new old Otso – such a deal! We start at 6 PM SLT / PST – see you then!

(And remember: no Around The Campfire on Wednesday February 16. Everyone will get this message twice, for which we apologize.)

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