‘once upon a time, there were two lab rats…’

today mr. spiral was visited by palancar and the two of them spent a wonderful afternoon chatting and stopping in to see desert mystic (whom pal hadn’t seen in 15 years). inspired by this wonderful meeting of old friends, tonight spiral will re-introduce the radiospiral audience to the music of the duo zen rat, including the albums a world beneath the world and to the heights. these are mostly longform tracks, very melodic and drifty, having been created in real time via the ninjam collaborative music platform with pal in texas and spiral in colorado.

join us in discord or in second life, or just tune in, to listen to the musical journey of a pair of laboratory rats named smoke and spark, who reached nirvana from within their cages and set forth through caverns and mountains in search of musical enlightenment. we start at 6 pm pst / slt.

0m m4n1 p4dm3 h_m.


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