Fans of electronic music will know the name of Saul Stokes, who has been performing and recording amazing electronic music for decades for fans around the world. On tonight’s Meander, we celebrate Saul’s recent decision to provide RadioSpiral’s on-air library with a comprehensive archive of his work, which will begin airing on the station in April.

Tune in tonight to hear selections from throughout Saul’s career, including old cassette tracks, rarities and unreleased music, as well as selections from his recent albums and a full play of his newest EP Alphabet City. If there’s time, I’ll wedge in a Live Ambient microRant too.

We start at 9/8/7/6 PM E/C/M/PDT, and you can join us in Slack chat, in Second Life, or just listen in. (Our Slack invitation system is currently offline, so if you aren’t already registered and you’d like to be, send an email to music at radiospiral dot net and I’ll hook you up.) See you soon!

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