Tonight Mr. Spiral returns to Meander after a desolate two weeks off. The plan is to do two hours of live improvised music; we’ll see how well that works out in practice, as there are some technical issues still being worked through at the moment.

Much of it will be based on my monthly Journey Into Silence live shows, but some of it won’t. It may get chaotic or unintentionally drifty or both; there may be rewinds of some older pieces that are still under development; there may be any one of many disasters; there may be panicked default to pre-recorded stuff. But there will be noise, never you worry.

The fun begins at 9/8/7/6 PM E/C/M/PDT. You can listen along at, join our Discord (if you haven’t already) at, or pop into Orlov HQ in Second Life… I’m not sure what the venue will be, but don’t be surprised if I just want to hang out at the beach shack and enjoy the ocean and sky… the Second Life 18th Birthday Celebration begins in a week or so, and we’ll be in and out of our booth there for the duration.

See you soon.

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