Hello, everyone. Tonight I am happily leaving the stream in the hands of Spud The Ambient Robot. Our amazing Gypsy Witch is doing a major rebuild of our HQ in Second Life*, with a ton of focused workflow that shouldn’t be interrupted, thereby giving me a perfect reason to take it easy for one night. If you happen to be listening to Spud and suddenly see a Live Ambient Raid pop up in the stream data… that will not be me. I’m taking the evening off, and I wish you all a happy, healthy, and safe New Year.

*anyone who’s been to the Stonehenge or Captain Nemo’s Underwater Lab stage sets will remember the default sitting animation that’s supposed to be “cutely fidgety” but instead comes off as “where the hell is the rest room” or “if I find whoever stole the wireless remote for my toy, somebody’s gonna die”. Gone now. You’re welcome.