Alias Zone is the brainchild of Santa Fe, NM-based Chris Meyer. It’s the product of decades of collaborations, experiments in all kinds of music, and comings and goings of various sorts. What started as a distillation of sample- and loop-based technology with live performance in the 1990s has become a reimagining of modular synthesis combined with the elusive human element in the 2020s. Separated by two decades, the two Alias Zone albums share a remarkable common thread of deep contemplation, hypnotically intricate structure, and beautiful musicianship.

Tonight on Meander, we link the past and the present through this amazing music. We’ll open with a selection of tracks from Lucid Dreams, the first Alias Zone album from 2001, and in our second hour, we’ll premiere material from the brand-new Alias Zone album that hit Bandcamp earlier today, We Only Came To Dream. It’s amazingly beautiful music by any standard, and will surprise the heck out of you if you think that modular synthesizers are incapable of making “real music.”

Come join us in Second Life, in Slack chat (where we are battling tech issues to try to get Chris to be able to join us), or just listening in. We enter the Zone at 9/8/7/6 PM and we hope to see you there. (And if you can’t make it, get thee hence to on thine own, sirrah.)