Tonight on Meander, Mr. Spiral – in a move that will surprise no one at all – has decided to play his own music rather than anyone else’s. For those ten or eleven of you who haven’t immediately stopped reading, here are the details.

For the first hour, Mike will premiere his forthcoming album SharkAngel, inspired by Anjil Desmoulins of Second Life (seen in the picture). The album is currently still being mastered for release, but the premaster version should give listeners an idea of what to look forward to.

For the second hour, he will perform live for a one-hour Live Ambient Rant. If the Gods grant favor upon his gear, he will offer a repeat (and hopefully more polished) performance of last Saturday’s Pandion And The Hammer(ing) Of The Gods: a tongue-in-cheek look at a critical point in Greek history, as seen by a wandering bard famed for being the most unreliable narrator in Athens.

Please join us for two hours of storytelling and music. You can listen in on your usual platform, join us in Discord, or come hang at the ABSITV (Amphitheatre Being Sucked Into The Vortex) in Second Life.

Όλοι Wang Chung διασκέδαση απόψε!

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