Tonight’s Meander continues our survey of music that’s come into our library over the past several months. We’ll hear from Jack Hertz and his new album DRiVE, some great releases from Escape Velocity, an intriguing track from new and challenging artist Mika Pontecorvo, and songs from the latest albums from Dutch artist Nimanty:  Time Space Light, Distant Call, and the brand-spankin’-new track “Peace For You My Friend.” Mostly melodic and peaceful, with a couple of beaty tracks, one or two deep and dirty spots here and there, and maybe a Live Ambient slantRant.

If you’re one of our Second Life audience, you’re in for a treat! As we celebrate our fifth anniversary this month, we have come together with Tony Gerber (aka Cypress Rosewood) to support his new inworld initiative Ambient 101 – a full sim, privately owned, that will serve as a gathering point for electronic, space, ambient, and experimental audio and visual artists in SL to support one another and help grow our audience. Diana Smethurst (Gypsy Witch) has broken her back creating a beautiful new RadioSpiral space, a summer meadow that eases down into a gorgeous beach with beautiful sea views. Tonight we make our official move and cut the ribbon on our new home!

Our old site in the Orlov sim has been retained and is now a private park with the Café, the big Beach Shack, and the Treehouse available to anyone who wants to use them. There’s a big sign by the Café that you can click to get a landmark to the new HQ.

For her show tomorrow night, Diana will host in one of the beautiful new holodeck scenes that she’s created… but tonight, I’m keeping it all at ground level and encouraging people to walk around, explore, find places to sit and chat and listen, and just enjoy the space. It’s now very friendly for just visiting whenever you like, and some folks may want to fly over to some of the other impressive builds going up in Ambient 101 – such as Tony’s rejuvenated Spindrift venue, complete with walkable museum dome.

Join us in Second Life, in Discord, or just listen in, to enjoy new music in a new setting. We start at 6 PM SLT / PST – see you then! (Oh, and dress for the outdoors in spring/summer… or for the beach… or for the pool… or…)

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