Once again I’m adding new(ish) music to the RadioSpiral playlist, and I’ll continue to feature tracks from these new releases for the next few weeks. Old friends and new continue to bring us great tracks for you all to enjoy!

Tonight’s show has just a bit of a Space theme, to go with the brand-new and amazing holodeck stage that Gypsy Witch has just added to our Second Life presence. Tonight we’ll feature tracks from two exceptional albums on the SynGate label: Sessions In The Quantum Field by Fusion Of Elements (Syndromeda’s Danny Budts working with Sensory++ aka Joost Egelie) and The Crossing Of Zone 3 by Michael Brückner. We’ll also have some really beautiful stuff from Ancient Astronaut’s new album Hospital Planet

Somewhere in there, we’ll probably throw in a suitably out-of-this-world Live Ambient slantRant as well.

Join us in our beautiful new Second Life setting, in Discord, or just listen in, to get spacey with some wonderful new music for both drifting and dancing. We start at 6 PM SLT / PST – see you then!