Over the last part of 2021, personal and professional commitments allowed a ton of music to collect untouched in my Curate Pile, which I am now getting through chunk by chunk. I’ve recently done a couple of programs featuring these new tracks (which, to be fair, aren’t entirely new music any more in most cases), but my current plan is to feature blocks of them for the next few shows.

We’ve gotten an amazing variety of stuff from a bunch of old friends and new, and while I can’t play every single track (and some of them, while lovely, are just a bit too drifty for my usual shows), I can share a tasty selection of what you can expect to hear in rotation going forward. Note that these do not include the super-new-new premieres that artists are giving to Diana on Around The Campfire and now also Jan on Ressac.

In our first hour, we’ll hear from Todd Snow, who has mastered the art of delivering longform drone music in tracks under 3 minutes long; MindPhaser, who takes us from R’lyeh to Arrakis in one easy swoop; Second Harmonic Generation, turning found sounds into elegant audio tapestries, Bing Satellites, from collections of ambient music that really ain’t too ambient at all; Ocean In A Bottle, who redefine ‘south of the border’ as including the Moon; Brannan Lane, with a track that’s a taster for great things to come in future shows; and finally Australian artist Wivajoy (Fiona Joy Hawkins), offering up a sweet bit of Piambient for dessert.

The second hour will focus on four artists with different takes on tribal and rhythmic ambient music: jarguna, David GerardAnantakara with guest musician Frédéric Gerchambeau, and brand-new Australian addition Hope Street House. (Where were they and Fiona for my Southern Hemisphere Summer Solstice show last month? Still in the Curate Pile. Duh!)

Join us in Second Life, in Discord, or just listen in, to give a big warm RadioSpiral welcome to the first of many new musical treasures. We start at 6 PM SLT / PST – see you then!

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