Tonight, Meander features more music that has been recently added to our library. Some is brand new, some you may have heard before, either on another show or already in rotation. We’ll have a few more shows like this before we’re caught up, but there’s always new music coming in, so…

Our first hour will be drifty – we will play the new album Ad Astra by Puppy Bordiga, a slowly evolving multi-part exploration of drones and guitar, plus a track from With Ghosts in deserts by Piano In A Bottle.

Our second hour will be dancy and then some! I will set the mood with a Live Ambient microRant, and then hand it off to Taiyo Rey (Saul Stokes) for the wonderful new album Shattering Stimuli. This is a good one, folks, you won’t want to miss it!

Come join the conversation in our Discord, visit us in Second Life, or just listen in. We start at 6 PM SLT / PST. See you then!

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