On tonight’s show, I’ll feature tracks from two brand-new releases that came to us in the past few days (spoiler: tomorrow night’s Around The Campfire will feature another one).

First, we’ll feature tracks from Polyphonic Memories by Colin Rayment. Colin joined us – and the RadioSpiral family for the first time – for our online Mountain Skies 2021 festival. After the festival, he asked us not to use his live set in our upcoming release of tracks from the festival on the RadioSpiral Bandcamp store – and now we’re thrilled to show you why. This is a gorgeous album of personal reminiscences captured in time. It features polished reworks of his music from the festival and so much more.

In our second hour, one of our most loyal musical colleagues, Max Corbacho, brings us Lost Links II: The Complete Collection – an archive of unreleased or little-known tracks from throughout the history of Max’s development as an ambient artist. We’ll feature some highlights from this remarkable 2 CD set that will ship later this summer.

If there’s time, I will do a Live Ambient microRant in the second hour, but after listening to these tracks, it might be tough for me to carve out time for my own stuff!

You can just tune in and enjoy, but if you would like to talk about the music (or anything else), we’re in Discord chat (Remember: radiospiral.club to join up, radiospiral.chat to weigh in once you’ve joined), and will be at the Second Life 18th Birthday Expo at our amphitheatre booth. Come on in at 9/8/7/6 PM E/C/M/PDT and join the fun!

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