On tonight’s show, we explore Nature as a concept: the idea of our natural world as something set apart from the artificial world of technology and information with which we commonly surround ourselves.

In our first hour, we’ll hear mostly rhythmic stuff from Tony Gerber and Phil Keaggy, 4T Thieves, Alpha Wave Movement, deeB, Sheleah Nahshon, Dreamhub, Lucette Bourdin, and Mäläskä. In our second hour, after a Live Ambient Rant, there will be drifty tracks by Daniel Robert Lahey, Robert Carty, Ombient, Christopher Alvarado, and James Shain.

Come join the conversation in our Discord, visit us in Second Life at our new performance space (see group notices for details), or just listen in. We start at 6 PM PST / SLT. See you then!

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