Tonight on Meander, I’m honored to share with you a selection of tracks from a new compilation on Aural Films entitled Mars Perseverance. Collected quietly over the past couple of months and officially announced on the date of the successful Mars landing, this album features 37 original tracks by many artists from around the world, with all proceeds going to hunger relief charities.

On tonight’s show, I’ll bring you just under half of the amazing music this compilation contains, as I encourage everyone to pick up a copy of their own. It’s a Bandcamp Name Your Price release, which means you can donate as much or little as you can managed. Or I suppose you could walk off with a copy for free if, you know, giving money to help the hungry isn’t your jam or whatever.

In place of a Live Ambient microRant, I will instead open the second hour of the show with my contribution to this album, a little ditty that had its title changed at the last minute from the original, which was a bit too wordy. I was going to use the WEEKLY WORLD NEWS cover story from the February 19, 1991 issue:

The Face On Mars Is Trying To Talk! “The Lips Are Moving,” Say Stunned Scientists!

— a cover that served as the basis for a really weird Bureau 13 RPG campaign I ran that year while prepping my dissertation, which involved (among other things) a colony of sentient naked mole rats, Andreas Vollenweider unmasked as an alien overlord, an Edward Gorey poem come to life, and a psychic warning message to the people of Earth that got garbled in transmission and became the lyrics to a rap song. But I digress.

The Martian magic happens at 9/8/7/6 PM E/C/M/PST tonight… be there in Slack, in Second Life, or in spirit, we’ll be glad of your presence any way we can have it! And whether or not you can make the show, here’s where you can go get this great music and make a difference in the lives of the hungry:

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