On tonight’s Meander, we remember our dear friend Gordon Smethurst, who passed peacefully a few days ago, and is survived by his wife Diana, two children, and two stepchildren. In keeping with this somber yet ultimately hopeful theme, I’ll be presenting two hours of music by another dearly departed friend, the amazing Lucette Bourdin.

In the years before cancer finally claimed her, Lucette poured herself into both music and painting, creating beautiful and meditative ambient albums with her own paintings as cover art. (Many of these can be found on archive.org) Every one of her fans has their favorites; mine are her exquisite trilogy Silver Moon / Golden Sun / Radiant Stars, and I will play selections from those three albums on my show tonight. No beats, just a small measure of peace.

If you can’t come by the CafĂ© in Second Life or pop into Discord, I still hope you’ll tune in tonight at 6 PM PDT / SLT and join our quiet celebration of a remarkable, joyous, loving life.

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