Tonight, RadioSpiral celebrates the first of hopefully many shows in its new home in the virtual world of Second Life: the aptly-named RadioSpiral  region, which Diana Smethurst (aka Gypsy Witch) has turned from a bare canvas into a richly detailed environment that invites avatars from all over SL to come visit, wander, explore, and find places to kick back and chat while listening to our music.

To kick off our residency, I’m returning to a format I haven’t explored in several years: Ambient Whiplash, where I blend together a huge number of very short ambient pieces to create a jarring, absorbing, ever-changing collage of music that was never meant to be put together. During our two hours tonight, you will hear over 150 tracks from a huge number of ambient artists, way too many to mention (although we should say that Slaw will make an appearance several times). No track will be longer than 60 seconds, and some will be as short as 11 seconds.

Come join the conversation in our Discord, visit us in our new home in Second Life, or just listen in – but make sure you have your seat belt fastened. We start promptly at 6 PM SLT / PST and the intro won’t be longer than a minute either, so be ready or you’ll miss it. See you then!

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