We have a lot of artists on the RadioSpiral airplay roster, both old standbys and new talents, but every once in a while Mr. Spiral feels the need to call out one artist that deserves a special bit of attention. This week and next, we’re taking a deep dive into the music of Tanya Thielke aka Tantroniq.

Tanya doesn’t let her music be pigeonholed; her catalog includes harsh noise, beautifully mellow longform drones, found-sound storytelling, and dancy beats – sometimes all at once. In our first program, we’ll feature the apocalyptic (yet feverishly danceable) Hello Zero One in our first hour, and then fill our second hour with the richly evolving drone textures of Music from Inside Time.

Please join us for a chaotic, thoughtful, beautiful, spasmodic, and altogether fascinating program. You can listen in on your usual platform, join us in Discord, or come hang at the Beach Shack in Second Life. However you choose to experience this music, you’re in for quite the interesting experience. See you there!

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