Jim Combs is a musician based in the Atlanta area, who’s been creating wonderfully eclectic music under various group names for many years. His ongoing solo-with-friends musical identity, Sensitive Chaos, recently released the album Closer To Home, a wonderful admixture of band-based music with the longform electronic beatscapes that make up Jim’s signature sound.

Tonight, I’ll feature tracks from Closer To Home, as well as some lovely bits and pieces from earlier in Jim’s career (including music from his electronic duet TouchXtone)… and while I’ve played four hours of live music on the air in the past week, with many more to come with the opening of the Second Life 18th Birthday celebration, I think I can find it in me to do a Live Ambient microRant as well.

Come closer to home, starting at 9/8/7/6 PM E/C/M/PDT, and join us in Second Life or in Discord to chat about the music or whatever else is on your mind.

Remember: radiospiral.chat will link you to an invite into our Discord channel, and radiospiral.club will connect you if you’re already registered… although I plan to propose switching those domain names in the future (“join the club” vs. “join the chat”), these will work for right now.

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